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Meet the people of Foldin Films

Fabian Noraker

The founder of Foldin Films and the point of contact who coordinates all projects, both for new and existing customers.
Fabian began his film career as a 15-year-old. Despite his young age, Fabian has already gained plenty of experience from assignments for everything from small Norwegian companies to large listed international groups.

His ability to understanding the customer's needs, present creative solutions, and focus on customer service right from the first meeting, is much of the root of Foldin Films' success.
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Kimo Enany

Managing Director
Videographer and drone operator
Kimo has 9 years of experience as a producer and specializes in project management from idea to finalized product.
He is our dedicated RO3 drone pilot who allows us to film in even the most restrictive areas.

In addition to this, he has a degree from the film school in Oslo and has a broad network that assists in the operational scaling of large projects.
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Kristoffer Aark

Videographer and drone operator
Kristoffer has over six years of experience in film with cutting-edge expertise in editing, photography and drone flying.
Kristoffer has a strong passion for finding new angles in his work and delivers a product with a creative edge for every single project he embarks on.

Kristoffer is a true perfectionist, and is the one who stays the extra hours in the office to achieve the perfect result.
In addition to film, Kristoffer has extensive experience and expertise in photoshop, visual effects and color grading.
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Jimmy Karlsen

Drone operator
Jimmy has 15 years of experience with image and film production for both small and large companies.

He started his career as a still photographer, but has slowly and
safely converted to film photographer.

In addition to film and photography, he has strong expertise in lighting and stage rigging, as well as on drones.

Elias Baltzersen

Videographer and visual effects
Elias has over seven years of experience as a filmmaker and has come all the way from Finnmark in northern norway to work with us.
Elias has extensive experience in compositing, VFX and editing in After Effects. In addition, he also has solid experience in color grading, where he uses Da Vinci Resolve on a daily basis.

Elias is our specialist in sound design and is the one who makes sure that the film can really be taken to the next level. Elias is a positive guy and always curious about new knowledge and new projects.
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Ulvar Gansum

FIlm director
Ulvar has 6 years of experience in film, advertising and music video.

He has an education as a film director from NSKI Høyskole. A school known for its excellence in Method Acting.

Ulvar specializes in dramaturgy. It largely involves controlling how professional actors are to communicate the client's vision. In addition, make sure to create an efficient and safe collaboration environment for the entire production, both for customer, talent and crew.
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Ludvik Baksaas

Ludvik has over six years of experience as a photographer. He has also teached photo composition and image processing.
In 2019, he was awarded the Horten Cultural Scholarship for his influence as an outstanding aspiring photographer.

Ludvik is a steady and creative photographer who is passionate about capturing the magical moments for our customers.
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Idar Wulff

IT and electrician
Idar is our digital image processing technician who ensures that all data captured on sets is safely handled.
With us, he is responsible for all electrical installations, from making
specially adapted lighting rig connections to new battery configurations so that this is done in a proper and safe manner.

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