Drone Video Specialists

Foldin Films are drone specialists with a wide range of equipment to capture all unique angles.

We stand out with the fact that the team in Foldin Films holds both a RO 1 and RO 3 license - which is a rare product here in Norway with such extensive certifications.

This means that we can fly all kinds of drones, even in so-called "No Fly Zones".
dji mavic 2 pro drone foldin films til produksjon og utleie


A drone where engineering, technology and the photographer's needs meet. A drone that has all of DJI's advanced signature technology, and which redefines the possibilities of aerial photography.

Movies in 4k 60fps, provide more than enough for most assignments.

Suitable for assignments such as real estate photography, promo video and assignments outside the No Fly Zone radius.

Mavic 2 Pro supports 10-bit Dlog-M color profile which provides higher dynamic range, which increases the potential in post-production color grading. The sensor captures up to 1 billion color points (16 million on the Mavic Pro), and retains more detail in highlights and shadows.
Which makes it easier than ever to preserve details in bright backlight or in low light conditions.
dji inspire 2 drone foldin films til produksjon og utleie


Dji Inspire 2 with X7 camera gives you fantastic possibilities and professional video features in the air. Super 35 camera with integrated gimbal designed for high quality film production.

With a 24MP CMOS sensor that delivers up to 14stop dynamic range, it gives you incredible reproduction of details, as well as allows you to film the entire 6K CinemaDNG or 5.2K Apple ProRes.

With the Spotlight function, you lock the camera on a subject, and the system then ensures that it is in the picture while you are free to control the drone as you wish. With Profile activated, Inspire 2 lies next to the subject, and films in profile with a top speed of about 93km / h are fast enough for even the fastest subjects.

Suitable for car ads and those with a high budget who simply want the best of the best.

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